Raeford North Carolina Christmas Decorations

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Merry Christmas from Raeford North Carolina, the kind of small town that still takes pride in tastefully decorating Main Street every holiday season. To the editors, graphic designers, book publishers and companies that continue to use my writing/photography services, thank you. I look forward to serving you again in 2019 and hope everyone, everywhere, has a New Year full of the kind of glad tidings that bring contagious joy.

A warm welcome goes out to Hoke County residents and new readers. I hope you enjoy a look at some of my photography and that it brings you a few smiles.

This blog’s modest. I consider most of my images the same, although some in the publishing industry seem to find a few captivating.

I also enjoy sharing some of the photo details. If you want to capture a similar image for your friends/family, read on. I’d really prefer that you point them to this blog, but shutterbugs love details.

Camera Settings

The image was captured with my Canon 5D using the company’s 50 mm f1.4 USM lens (on sale right now, by the way). The starbursts were not created in Photoshop, believe it or not. They appeared right out of the camera that way with the lens set at f13.

ISO was set at 400 and I exposed for 10 seconds. Bring a tripod.

Nine p.m. on Dec. 23 (Sunday) is when I found main street in Raeford North Carolina nearly vacant. Headlights/taillights would detract the scene.

The location was at the library, east side of Main Street, looking south. Stand on the sidewalk and you’ll be close to the angle.

Thank You Raeford North Carolina

To the administration of Raeford, thank you. The annual display is tasteful, not gaudy. Your investment says a lot about small town America, and Hoke County’s county seat.

A big shout-out also goes to the workers who climb those ladders every year. Most people rush past the lights and wreaths, hardly noticing. Some of us do. Thank you.

Happy Holidays to everyone and if you find a chance between all the family fun and festivities, let me know what you think of this photo.